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California Super Loto Winning Numbers

Super Lotto results

California Super Lotto winning numbers. California Super Lotto (also known as CA SuperLotto Plus) is rightfully regarded to be one of the most widely played state lotto games on the US lottery market boasting incredibly high jackpots as well as the fair money for the prizes of the other eight secondary divisions. California Super Lotto results are available after the draws carried out bi-weekly on Saturday and Wednesday. CA SuperLotto Plus record high jackpot was reported in 2002 reaching $193 mln.

Checking California Super Lotto results

How can you check you California Super Lotto results and what is the most convenient way to keep up with Super Lotto Winning Numbers. Surely, you can watch the evening TV broadcast of the draw, supposed you are not too tired to wait until late. If you live or stay in California you can take your lottery ticket and go to the closest retail outlet where the retailer will scan your ticket and announce Super Lotto winning numbers. Still there is another more convenient, time and effort saving way to do that. You can simply go online to check California Super Lotto results and other USA Lottery results in few clicks as well as to get the latest updates and news. Do not miss your chance to become another lottery multi-millionaire, play and keep up with the latest results California Super Lotto results online.

Winning odds

CA SuperLotto Plus jackpot winning odds are estimated as 1 in 41.4 mln (as opposed to 1 : 22,957,480 in Florida Lotto, for example). The last prize category winning odds are estimated as 1 in 49. Find below the winning odds based on the prize categories where the MN stands for the Mega Number

Prize Division


Odds of winning


5 + MN

1 : 41,416,353



1 : 1,592,937


4 + MN

1 : 197,221



1 : 7,585


3 + MN

1 : 4,810



1 : 185


2 + MN

1 : 361


1 + MN

1 : 74



1 : 49

Playing CA SuperLotto Plus

Super Lotto uses a 5/47 (+ 1/27) matrix offering 9 prize divisions. Players will have to match all the 5 Super Lotto winning numbers along with one extra number, the so-called Mega Number, to be lucky enough to win the jackpot. The main Super Lotto winning numbers and the bonus Mega Number are drawn from the two separate drums respectively from the guess range of 1 to 47 and 1 to 27. The Mega Number is prerequisite for winning the cash prizes in the 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 prize divisions, the 2, 4 and 6 divisions require matching just the main numbers. You just have to guess the Mega Number to win any of the offered secondary prizes. Winners have 180 days from the date of the draw (they took part in and won) to claim and collect their money prizes. CA SuperLotto Plus, just like the other lotto games in the USA, is subject to the federal and local taxation (which may vary from state to state).

CA SuperLotto Plus jackpot won following 40 rollovers

Super Lotto is a roll-over lotto game which means its jackpot increases every time there is no one lucky enough to guess all the lottery winning numbers and claim the grand prize. In 2014 Super Lotto jackpot grew to the astonishing $70 mln after some 41 roll-overs and was finally won in May that year. Then there was just a single ticket to match Super Lotto winning numbers which were 27, 29, 11, 13, 23 & 10 for the so-called Mega Number. Importantly enough, in case of winning, be sure to call to the lottery operator and claim the lottery prize within 180 days from the draw date or otherwise the money will be sent back to the lottery fund which will use it to support the social educational initiatives.

Hot & Cold Numbers

Choosing their lucky lottery winning numbers players may make use of the cold and hot numbers statistics available for every lotto game. The statistics is based on the historic California Super Lotto results. The hot numbers for CA SuperLotto Plus - those coming up most frequently during the 2013 draws - were 15, 26, 20, 35, 13, 33. That year's cold numbers - coming up least frequently - were 8, 9, 44, 2, 40, 1, 37. Using the hot numbers is the most commonly applied strategy and naturally enough there can possibly be several winners claiming the prize. That is why there are players preferring to play the cold numbers. They state that no one knows for sure when their time is due and that the only way to find that out is to play them.

There are also other game play options offered for Super Lotto players. They can either opt to play their favorite (as they say, special numbers), or to quick-pick their entries (get the numbers automatically generated) or use the Advance Play feature (playing several draws at once).

Super Lotto Record Jackpot

In terms of the huge jackpots and secondary prizes offered, Super Lotto can be surely regarded as a competitor for other US based and internationally popular lotto games. Super Lotto biggest jackpot was reported in 2002 reaching the mind-boggling $193 mln after a number of rollovers.

Do not miss a chance to become another lottery million jackpot winner. Play and check Super Lotto results online and you won't have to change your appointments to watch the draw by TV, wait for the fresh morning paper or go to the retailer to find out Super Lotto results. If you want to add some variety and truck some luck different from the lottery one, check out online casino reviews to find suitable options.

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