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Florida Lotto Winning Numbers

Florida Lotto results

Florida Lotto winning numbers. Rightfully regarded one of the United States most popular state-level lotto games FL Lotto boasts an impressive track-record of the high jackpots and the secondary cash prizes. Florida Lotto results are available after the draws held 2 times a week on Saturday and Wednesday. Totally featuring 4 prize divisions the game has a special XTRA option (known as Florida Lotto with XTRA). Playing Florida Lotto with XTRA you may double the secondary cash prizes as well as get the reward even for matching just 2 balls.

Checking Florida Lotto results

What are the ways to keep up with the winning Florida Lotto numbers? Checking Florida Lotto results as well as other USA Lottery results is easy taking advantage of the online services. More likely you are used to adjust your daily timetable and appointments to watch the draw broadcast by telly, or wait until the next morning to find it out in the fresh newspaper, or go to the closest retailer who scans your ticket and announces Florida Lotto results. Why spend so much time and trouble? You may just go online any time you want, via you desktop, laptop or mobile gadget. And that's it! Moreover you may take advantage of the historic Florida Lotto winning numbers to decide on your future entries.

Winning odds

Florida Lotto results will depend on the numbers drawn and the matched combination. The games jackpot winning odds are estimated as 1 in 22.9 mln (as opposed to 1 : 45,057,474 in NY Lotto, for instance). Find below the lottery's odds of winning based on the available prize divisions where the MN the main Florida Lotto winning numbers.

Prize Division


Odds of winning


6 MN

1 : 22,957,480


5 MN

1 : 81,410


4 MN

1 : 1,416


3 MN

1 : 71

Playing FL Lotto

This lotto game uses a 6/53 matrix so that players will have to match 6 Florida Lotto numbers from the guess range of 1-53 to win the jackpot. Winning the cash prizes in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th division requires matching respectively 5, 4 and 3 Florida Lotto winning numbers.

FL Lotto was launched by Florida Lottery group in April 1988 and just in several month created a new American national as well as world' lottery industry record delivering a mind-boggling $52 mln jackpot. That was in August 1988 jackpot and was reported the globe's largest lottery winning at that moment.

FL Lotto draws are held weekly on Wednesday and Saturday at 11.15 pm Eastern Time (UTC -5) and are broadcasted live. Florida Lotto results are available online seconds after the draws. The ticket sales are closed at 10.40 pm.

FL Lotto grand prize starts from $2 mln and rolls over until there is finally somebody lucky to match 6 winning Florida Lotto numbers. The lottery operators do not cap the jackpot so it will keep rolling and rolling over until it is won at last.

Playing Florida Lotto with XTRA option you may possibly increase your winning by up to 5 times. For instance, it guarantees that even matching 3 of 6 main numbers you will multiply the $5 winning by 5 times so that you'll get $25 instead.

Hot & cold numbers

To increase their chances to win players may use the so-called hot vs cold numbers statistics. Just like in case with any lottery it will be based the historic Florida Lotto results. The hot numbers are the most expected winning Florida Lotto numbers and are 45, 8, 41, 40 and 47. The cold numbers are on the contrary the least expected ones and are 33, 38, 2, 28 and 22 for FL Lotto. Still there are lottery players choosing the cold numbers deliberately because they believe it is just a matter of time for them to be drawn. Some players are completely indifferent about this statistics; they say it is just to one's luck.

FL Lotto jackpots

Florida Lottery is known for the world’s largest single payout. That was in September 1988 (the first year the lottery was brought on stream), a lucky player from Winter Springs, Sheelah Ryan, won the amazing $55.16 mln.

In May 2014 FL Lotto finally saw the last rollover in 39 draws streak. A $47 mln prize was claimed by the single ticket from Hollywood matching all the winning Florida Lotto numbers which were 23, 53, 34, 10, 38 and 12. It was just 1 draw away from breaking the single-win FL Lotto jackpot record! FL Lotto all-the-time record jackpot to date accounted for $106 mln and was split between the 6 lucky players in September 1990.

Play and check Florida Lotto results online not to miss a chance to become another lottery multi-million jackpot winner as it was with Floridian who used his favorite numbers in every FL Lotto since the game launch in 1988. It took the devoted player from Florida over 20 years and several hundreds of draws to win his $35 mln jackpot. Interestingly enough he continued playing FL Lotto checking off the same numbers every next draw hoping that luck will smile upon him for the second time. Agree that would be much convenient for him to use online services to get Florida Lotto results than doing it in the traditional ways: TV broadcasts, morning newspaper, visits to retailers.

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