Historic Mega Millions jackpot

Historic Mega Millions jackpot of $265 mln delivered in Illinois. Jesus Davila, a resident of Naperville (USA), had a great luck to win the biggest prize in the history of Illinois Lottery. The 1st line of his Quick Pick ticket, that cost Davila just 5 dollars, matched all 6 Mega Millions winning numbers he needed to win that huge Mega Millions jackpot. The lucky Mega Millions winning numbers for that Friday evening draw held on 16 January 2015 were 26, 32, 44, 45, 58 and 11 for the so-called MegaBall. Then he turned out to be the only lucky guy among millions of Americans who played in the 44 states (including Washington DC and Virgin Islands) who was lucky enough to guess the 6 Mega Millions winning numbers.

Davila was officially presented a $265 mln check by the Mega Millions Illinois Lottery officials in Chicago. The check was purposefully oversized to mark the traditional commemoration of that record historical win.

As Michael Jones, the lottery director, put it, he had a great luck in his professional career to meet the two major winners in Mega Millions Illinois Lottery history. First, that was a citizen of Red Bud (Illinois) who received $218 mln grand prize in March 2012, and then it was the above-mentioned Jesus Davila living in the neighboring city of Naperville. The two cases prove that anyone can be lucky enough to turn into multimillionaire.

Winning Mega Millions jackpot

The settings as well as the chain of events leading to such a storybook ending stir particular interest among the lottery players around the globe. So let us dwell on the issue. That was on 16 January this year when Davila watched the TV broadcast of the Mega Millions lottery draw at home. After writing out Mega Millions results on a sheet of paper and comparing them with the numbers he played on his ticket, he was extremely surprised to discover the match of the first five numbers. Davila was swift to share the news with his family. We can only imagine Davila astonishment when his son – who was smart enough to double-check Mega Millions results and their the ticket – said to his farther that in fact he matched every Mega Millions lottery winning number required to become a jackpot winner. As Davila described the event, the whole family was laughing out loud, shouting and jumping with joy as if about to share the new with the whole world. Do not forget, you can always check USA Lottery results online. 

However, the lucky winner first made several steps before claiming the fortune. He spent several weeks to discuss everything with his family members and to take professional financial advice. Only in two weeks, Davila could feel secure enough to come around to claim the grand pot. According to the staff of Mega Millions Illinois Prize Center, the man was very calm when he took out that somewhat creased history-making $265 mln ticket from the pocket and handed it over.

Mega Million jackpot winner's future plans

Davila is a 70 years-old retired driver. Born in Puerto Rico he came to the United States of America when he was only six. He had been living in Chicago before moving to Naperville to live closer to his relatives and as it turned out lately to make his American dream come true, becoming a lottery millionaire. So what are his plans and expectations for that huge sum? Davila aims to share the money with his rather big family (he has four children and four grandchildren already), make some investments in real estate (as he said, he dreamed of a spacious house with a big lawn) as well as to do some charity to somehow serve the American community.

Opting to get his lottery pot as a lump sum payment of about $178 mln, Davila will receive $126.8 in cash after the federal and state taxes are withheld.