2 major Mega Millions winners in NY in 2 months

2 major Mega Millions winners were reported in NY Sullivan County in two months. Sullivan County is now rumored to be one of New York State and the USA luckiest places after Mega Millions jackpot was delivered there two in two months period and presented the lucky winner the traditional over-sized multi-million check.

Tammy Pratt, a 47 years old citizen of South Fallsburg became one of the sole Mega Millions winners getting the $126 mln Mega Millions jackpot as of the 27 February 2015 drawing. As luck would have it, Tammy Pratt was one of the two winners hitting the grand jackpot in the 2 month period in Sullivan County after the Harold Diamond from Wurtsboro claimed a $326 mln jackpot earlier in January.

Winning Mega Millions jackpot

So, Tammy Pratt's lucky winner's story is as follows. Working as a real estate broker, she was busy with her daily duties and was just between her appointments when she had to stop to refuel her car in South Fallsburg. Driving to the gas retail station she noticed the Mega Millions New York promo stating that the lottery's jackpot for that day's draw grew to over $126 mln. So she decided to try her luck once more and decided to “quick pick” her Mega Millions winning numbers which was a part of her gaming strategy.

She explained that as a rule she bought one lottery ticket using automatic numbers generation option, the so-called “Quick Pick” and, what is more important, when the jackpot was high. Still that memorable day she bought more tickets having a feeling that luck would smile upon her. And it did not let her down as her 4 bucks spent for the game paid off $126 mln.

It was an unusually early raise for her the next morning as she was broiling with impatience to check Mega Millions results and find out whether there was anybody to win the jackpot. So she went online to get Mega Millions results and check her ticket. She was really surprised when she read that the lucky jackpot winning ticket was sold in South Fallsburg and in the same shop she purchased hers. And then had quite a turn understanding that her ticket matched all the lucky winning numbers for that particular jackpot.

She could not believe that first so checked Mega Millions results and her numbers several times and run to share the news with her husband asking him to double-check the numbers carefully for she was in shock and wanted to be sure it was not a dream. Her husband confirmed there was no mistake, the ticket matched all the lucky winning numbers. Pratt said it was hard for her to word how happy they were then.

The lucky lottery winning numbers for that draw were 53, 60, 7, 64, 49 and 4 for the so-called “mega ball”.

A few words about the lottery game: MegaMillions is a 5/75 + 1/15 matrix lottery game that is the players have to guess 5 main Mega Millions winning numbers (white balls) and 1 bonus number (the “mega ball”) to win the jackpot. This and USA Lottery results are also available online. 

Mega Millions winners' future plans

Tammy Pratt decided to claim her lottery prize a single cash payment of about $81.6 mln and would get a $54 mln lump sum after all the taxes withheld. Answering the question about her plans and ideas to use that huge sum, Pratt mentioned she considered that win a God's blessing and apart from securing her family's financial foothold and future she also wanted to be helpful for other people around. She said she would certainly do some charities and support social initiatives.

Tammy Pratt is reported to be the 32nd Mega Millions jackpot winner since the game started in the New York State in 2002. NY Lotto is another tailor-made game in this State offering the fair chances to win the big prizes.