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New York Lotto Winning Numbers

NY Lotto Results

NY Lotto winning numbers. New York Lotto (or NY Lotto) is one of the United States of America most beloved state-wide lotto games with the jackpot starting from $2 mln. This is a roll-over lottery which means that the jackpot will be growing by about $300,000 each time there is no winner in the draw until it is finally claimed. Matching between 3 and 6 drawn NY Lotto numbers gives one of the 4 secondary prizes. Check NY Lotto results on the web after the draws held every week on Saturday and Wednesday. Be first to find out the NY Lotto winning numbers and share the happy news with your family and friends.

Checking NY Lotto Results

What are the ways to keep up with the winning NY Lotto numbers? Surely enough, checking NY Lotto results online using a desktop computer at home or amid the daily appointments using your mobile gadget is the most time and trouble saving solution. Forget about amending your daily schedule to watch the draw online, or about wakening up early in the morning to read the fresh paper or about visiting the retailer personally to get the ticket scanned to find NY Lotto winning numbers. Bookmarking the page you will be able to get NY Lotto results and and other USA Lottery results just in few clicks which won't take you longer than a minute.

Winning odds

NY Lotto results depend on the matched combination of the drawn numbers. The odds of winning the lotto's jackpot account for 1 in about 45 mln (in contrast to 1 : 41,416,353 in California Super Lotto, for instance). Please find below the lottery's chances of winning depending on the matched combination of the winning NY Lotto numbers where the MN stands for the main numbers and BN for the bonus number.

Prize Division


Odds of winning


6 MN

1 : 45,057,474


5 MN + BN

1 : 7,509,579


5 MN

1 : 144,415


4 MN

1 : 2,180


3 MN

1 : 96

Playing New York Lotto

New York Lotto applies a 6/59 matrix. In other words, to take a chance to win the jackpot players will have to choose 6 NY Lotto numbers between 1 and 59. Winning the jackpot requires matching all of them. In fact, there is a seventh number drawn, the so-called bonus numbers accountable for the second prize category only. The numbers may be chosen either manually or automatically using the Quick Pick option to get the entry randomly generated by computer. This is a rather handy option for those pressed for time or relying solely on luck. The lottery's peculiar feature is the rolling over second prize which is unique among the US lottery games.

To find out whether you were lucky to win anything you will have to find out NY Lotto results (which is surely quicker to do online) and check the winning NY Lotto numbers against your entry. The results will be available after the draws carried out Wednesday and Saturday at 11:21 pm EST (UTC -5).

New York Lotto starting jackpot is set at $2 mln. The lottery operator sets no limitations as for the number of roll-overs every time on average accounting for $300,000. The lottery jackpot winners are to claim their prize within 180 days from the draw date and choose one of the 2 possible payment options: a single or annuity payment: 26 payments over the span of 25 years. Remember, NY Lotto winnings exceeding $5,000 are subject to taxation accounting for 25% for the USA residents and 30% for the non-USA residents.

Hot & Cold Numbers

Using the so-called hot & cold numbers statistics (based on the historic NY Lotto results) players may considerably increase their chances to win the grand prize or one of the secondary cash prizes. The hot numbers are, as the name suggest, the most frequently picked up NY Lotto winning numbers: 8, 20, 15, 34, 25 and 18. The cold numbers are on the other hand the least frequent ones. For this lottery they are as follows: 56, 58, 59, 57, 55 and 51. However some lottery fans are sure that it is just a matter of time and chance for them to appear in one or another draw. The advanced statistics features the most common winning NY Lotto numbers in pairs (2, 15 or 3, 9), triplets (25, 26, 35 or 1, 8, 35), quadruplets (7, 11, 26, 39 or 8, 13, 33, 36) as well as corresponding consecutive combinations: pairs – 2,3 or 20, 21, triplets – 12, 13, 14 or 24, 25, 26, quadruplets – 39-42 or 2-5.

NY Lotto Jackpots

New York Lotto ever largest jackpot accounted for the astonishing $72 mln. It was won on 31 May 1997 and split between the 4 lucky winners.

The second largest New York Lotto jackpot won so far is $65 mln claimed on 30 June 2007 by the lucky player from Queens, Degli Martinez. It was the game's largest single-win jackpot.

The $58 mln top prize won in May 2004 is the 3rd biggest jackpot in New York Lotto history.

Take a solid chance to win millions, play and check NY Lotto results online.