$564 mln Powerball jackpot split between the 3

Maria Holmes, a citizen of a small US town of Shallotte in North Carolina, was one the first lucky Powerball winners to claim her $188 mln lottery prize, one third of the huge $564 mln Powerball jackpot.

A 26 years old single mom Maria had to somehow cope with the financial burden brining up alone her four little children. She had to do several jobs at different stores and fast food restaurants to earn the daily bread for her family. Imagine her joy and relief when she discovered herself becoming one of Powerball lottery winners to claim some $188 mln, reported to be the highest lottery pot in the history of Powerball North Carolina.

That was an ordinary evening when Maria turned returned home literally “dead tired” after her daily routine still having a lot of household work. Finally taking a respite, she did not think about her ticket and the US Powerball lottery draw broadcast which was about to begin. Still she was hopeful about the draw that could forever change her lifer for better. And the next morning it came to her just like a lightning and first she could not believe that her US Powerball lottery ticket matched Powerball winning numbers.

Powerball jackpot winning numbers

Maria was extremely lucky to match Powerball winning numbers for the 11 February 2015. Powerball results were 25, 39, 11, 13, 54 and 19 for the “so-called power ball” and delivered her $188 mln, one third of the $564 mln US Powerball jackpot as there were another two lucky Powerball winners.

Several days later the officials of Powerball North Carolina presented Maria her $188 mln during the press conference held to mark the event. During her speech, said she was extremely grateful for the new life-changing opportunities US Powerball lottery open for her family.

Maria Holmes can hardly be called a regular lottery player, trying her lottery luck just from time to time. Moreover, being too busy with her daily job she even did not buy Powerball tickets online herself but asked her mother to do that over-the-counter. She said she was highly interested to play that US Powerball lottery draw as by that time Powerball jackpot grew enormously big.

Some players argue that there is little sense to rely fully on the automatic selection of Powerball winning numbers, advising to get the deeper insight into the game-play as well as to develop one's own numbers entry systems or methods. However, that was not a case with Maria Holmes' quick picked ticket which delivered her the fantastic $188 mln pot.

As Maria recalls, she was first in utter disbelief and gradually realized how lucky she was with that 1 to 175 mln chance. Then started screaming and jumping to share the fabulous new with her family.

Obviously enough, Maria applied for some financial and legal support and advice prior to claiming her Powerball lottery prize. Eventually she decided to take single cash payment of $127 mln and got $87.9 mln after taxation. She said the money could secure her life goals. She in particular planned to do some charities and support her church, finish college and get a degree, buy a new big house for her family and secure financially her children's future.

Other Powerball jackpot winners

And what about the other two Powerball winners? The other third of the $564 mln Powerball jackpot was claimed later by the Texas based TL Management Trust which requested as little publicity as possible. The third of the mentioned Powerball winners resolved not to disclose his personal information. The anonymous comes from Puerto Rico. USA Lottery results history is archived online so you can always find out the winning numbers for the past draws.